Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sentimental Journeys

Often the paths of our lives take a varied route.  As Heidi says, "one minute you're IN and the next minute you're OUT". We've all been there. 

A broken relationship and leftovers from our deceased relatives all contribute to the feelings that become attached to our jewelry, the iconic representations of so much emotion ripe with meaning.

Have you ever wondered how you could wear that ring again or dispel the "bad vibes" that become embedded in these small works of art?  There are several things you can do.

First, you can take out the stones of a piece of jewelry, sell the metal and have it crafted into another piece of jewelry.  But the stones retain energy.  There is an energy that is held and emitted in metal and stones.  Of course you realize this because stones and metal have been used as electrical conductors for centuries.  Diamonds and crystal can transmit light and when focused on a piece of paper, even start a fire.  Stones and metal are used as electrical transmitters in electronics. 

In 1985 I studied the healing properties of stones with a Psychic.  I learned that each stone carries vibrational wavelengths that can contain healing properties.  For example, Amethyst (in the quartz family)  is a stone, which can strengthen the endocrine and immune systems.  It can provide purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness.  I believe that if you are attracted to a certain stone, it has specific healing properties, which are attuned to you.

Other than having your jewelry ripped apart and re-designed with your stones, I often tell my clients to practice this exercise I learned from the Psychic.  Place your stones or jewelry in a bowl of sea salt directly in the sunlight for one week.  Create conscious visions every time you see that bowl and imagine the pieces draining the bad energy and re-charging anew with the pure light of the sun. 

Recharge, regenerate and recreate. What else is there?