Monday, January 28, 2008

COMMITMENTS, or lack thereof

Commitments, or lack thereof

My feelings are that every relationship is always the best at the time. Whether it's with a new motorcycle or a new love, it is always the same. It smells good at first, that love of the smooth interior coupled with the fragrance of passion. When that leather gets smooth and worn and the fragrance needs a little fresh air, where does that enduring love go?

It becomes different. Dependable, familiar and deeper. Herein lies the struggle: with familiarity comes security, but the passion grows deeper in a calming and curious way.
The commitment to career, health and passion takes effort and ultimately, reaps what you invest. It is the personal journey to love.

This Valentine's Day I wish the world was filled with more love, forgiveness and creativity. Let the love survive. May you invest in Love's Economy.

Pictured: My own personal commitment bands, shared with my love.
14k pink gold outer band with inner band of Palladium White gold
Pave and Milligrain diamonds.

"Now join hands, and with your hands your hearts", Shakespeare

Pinky: Spring is coming soon and this was my V-Day Gift from my love.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Metal on Leather

There is something about the texture of leather: so soft and smooth, so supple. Leather will absorb the oils from your skin and form to the contours of your body. When I put metal on leather, the cool rigidity of the metal contrasts the sensuality of the leather. I've always loved that contrast. The hard with the soft. The masculine with the feminine It's like the chrome on a motorcycle with that shiny bit of sparkle on a powerful machine. Sexy.


Hardware stores were always my favorite places as a kid. I'd accompany my father on his weekly expedition to fix one of his household repairs and I'd roam the store freely while my father went through his list.

In those days, the stores were small, with a spectacular array of bins which displayed fascinating and exotic items. I'd pick up a hinge and see how it worked. I'd look through the bins of screws and marvel at the spiral threads winding around a piece of brass with a beautiful notched head. Sometimes my father would allow me to purchase an array of nuts and bolts, slide locks, hinges and anything moveable. We would travel back to his workshop and put together a "mystery box". These boxes were primarily for my nephew and consisted of little doors with locks and hidden compartments. These were mainly for my nephew's amusement, but I was enthralled in their creation.

To this day, I can still get lost for hours at Lowe's or Home Depot. I am fascinated by doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switches and towel bars. There is a much greater selection these days and the hardware now is imported from all over the world. But the sensual flair of a hand-crafted or limited production piece of hardware made in the USA has been replaced by mass production, cheap craftsmanship and inexpensive materials from overseas. The designs are great, but the craftsmanship is truly lacking.

I used to tell people that I'd put jewelry on anything, anywhere. Now I think I'd just like to put metal and stones on everything in my house so that I can fulfill my ergonomic fantasy of the smooth metal against the grain of wood or metal. I yearn to experience something that is made by hand with intent and precision. Something that gets better with age.