Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Dream is to Live

As many of you, I have been trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy and to make understandable a world that is predominantly nonsensical. I have felt listless, hopeless and irrelevant. How can I let this experience destroy celebration and cloud hope?
Where are our leaders and our mentors? Hourly, I ask myself how can I be relevant in my daily rituals in the face of such monumental tragedy and a world that might end on friday?
But here I am again with my fingers tender, cut and bruised. I struggle to make something beautiful the way a weed finds a ray of light through the crack in the sidewalk and moves  towards the sun.
In the light I want to render that beauty, the only common recipe in a stew of chaos among all people.
Beauty surely represents all that is good.  If you create: a sound, an image, or a moment of laughter, the hope shall win and exist in all eternity.
That is the dream for which I live. As we dream, we live.  DREAM ON!