Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wax Carving Class at Jewelry Arts

I am pleased to announce a 2-day workshop that I will be teaching at the Jewelry Arts Institute in NYC on two consecutive mondays, April 19th and April 26th, from 11am to 6pm.  This is an incredible jewelry school in the Columbus Circle area of NYC and I am looking forward to it tremendously.  This class is quite affordable for 12 hours of instruction at $280.  You may sign up on their website.

Over the years, many of you have asked about my teaching and have been unable to attend my workshops in my studio in upstate NY.  Now is the opportunity to sign up for this class.  

Previous metalsmithing experience is preferred but if you have ever worked with your hands on any level (sewing, home repairs or even cooking) and possess a fair amount of patience, you are an ideal candidate to learn this process.  Wax is a more fluid and less-resistant creative process than metal. The tools used in wax carving are small dental tools (yes, the kind your dentist uses!), a flex shaft (a motorized hand dremel tool) and either an alcohol lamp or wax pen for melting the wax.   It reminds me of the girl scout project of carving soap into small sculptures.  However, in wax-carving the waxes are cast by the "lost wax" process and become silver or gold objects. This is a great way to learn about jewelry making and is a great way to make multiples of any piece of jewelry.

The class will cover these topics:
1.) "The Design" - How to plan the design from drawing to completion, perhaps incorporating fabrication in metal
2.)  Learning about the types of waxes.
3.) "Taking Away" wax and "Adding" wax in a design
4.) Setting stones and setting mounts

*This is a wax carving class and does not include casting.

I hope to see your there!  Please contact me with any questions.  and by the way, HAPPY SPRING!