Saturday, May 16, 2009

Touch the Sky

Shit or get off the pot. Mercury Retrograde. Suspended Belief.

Lofty attitudes lately, and the clock keeps ticking, the big machine keeps clicking.

I keep telling myself (and everyone I know) that these are "challenging times". Let's accentuate the positive, focus on the task at hand. Where does this urge to create come from? It's like a weed that keeps growing, no matter how many times the weed whacker removes it's leaves, never touching the root.

I watched a movie with Cynthia last weekend and was left with two unforgettable quotes:

"Sometimes the things you cannot change, change you forever". Makes me think of cancer.

"Sometimes the worst things that can happen are the most liberating". Makes me think of losing everything, or perhaps, just walking away from it all, into the sunset. A metaphysical death.

And still, the root is not destroyed.

I want to touch the sky.